Publications and literary works

Leuchtender Stein: Die Geschichte der Lithophanie vom 18. bis ins 20. Jahrhundert (Sandstein Verlag): 550-page book on the history of lithophanes from the 18th to the 20th century (work in progress)

Lisbon (vagabond books): fictional narrative for photo book of the “City Impressions” series

Rome (vagabond books): fictional narrative for photo book of the “City Impressions” series

Istanbul (vagabond books): fictional narrative for photo book of the “City Impressions” series

Heinrich Eduard Schmieder: 200-page biography

Faszination Lewitz (Verlag Burkhard Fellner): Introduction

Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf & Bansin (Demmler Verlag): Chapter introductions

Medicine and medical technology

Bluepoint Medical: User manual for pulse oximeter (agency)

Envitec: Brochure/product descriptions (agency)

HELIOS Kliniken Schwerin: Patient report (agency)

Human Med AG: Service manuals, scientific articles, process and work instructions, brochures, press releases (agency)

Klinik Leezen: Patient report (agency)

MeSys GmbH: Test and process instructions, company correspondence (agency)

Arts and sciences

Hetjens-Museum, Deutsches Keramikmuseum, Düsseldorf: Exhibition catalogue

German Amber Museum Ribnitz-Damgarten: Exhibition catalogue (agency)

Gemeinsame Umweltkommission (international cooperation): Presentation, opening speech for conference (agency)

University of Wismar: Course descriptions for all faculties (agency)

Staatliches Museum Schwerin: Exhibition catalogues, articles, art interpretation and critique

Grevesmühlen public utility company: Presentation for energy conference

State Department of the Environment, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Memorandum of understanding

University Rostock: Project description (agency)

Industrial and mechanical technology

Hase Bikes: Website, user manuals for bicycles and tricycles

Henkel Beiz- und Elektropoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG: Technical Bulletins, product descriptions, user manuals (agency)

LOBA GmbH & Co. KG: Technical product descriptions, labels and instruction sheets (agency)

Peter Wolters AG: Press releases, Newsletter (agency)

Business and marketing

Arko GmbH: Product labels, brochures (agency)

AVO GmbH: Brochures (agency)

German Pellets GmbH: Website, press releases (agency)

Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung, M-V: Brochures, catalogues (agency)

Hase Bikes: Website, catalogues, press releases (agency)

Klausner Gruppe: Website, press releases (agency)

Landeshauptstadt Schwerin (municipal offices): Brochures (agency)

LOBA GmbH & Co. KG: Press releases, brochures (agency)

Rattunde & Co GmbH: Brochures, press releases (agency)